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I Love Ruby Because ..


What are semicolons? brought to me the joy of programming again.

Open class, module mixins and Meta programming = let's do, all you want

because even my mom can read and understand my code!

I really enjoyed while working with Ruby and its truly gives lot of fun for a java programmer like me:-)

Due to rich set of libraries and Metaprogramming ...

loose typing,
relatively permissive syntax, said to be more like the way people think and talk.

it 'thinks' the way I think

I can write code, get feedback quickly, and iterate very quickly to a working solution. Iterators and blocks working together make it really easy to put a lot of functionality into a few lines.

Easy syntax to learn, active developer community building things that they love .

Ruby syntax comes naturally to me. You can go with your intuition, without needing to remember cryptic syntaxes.

took me from ops => devops => (noops?)..Love Ruby..You are awesome!

My first ruby program was

puts 'saikat'

compared to what I learned in college to display my name

    public class Displayname {
      public static void main(String args[]){

It's sexy :P